The repair and restoration of antiquarian books can be a complex and delicate matter. It often requires a mastery of select skills and time honored techniques. The restoration process requires an advanced knowledge of the history of graphic design as well as a keen sensitivity to historical perspective. 

This is by far the most difficult aspect of our work but also the most rewarding.  Our restorations often involve re-backing, hinge repair, headband and head cap repair, complete or partial re-sewing, consolidation of deteriorated leather, spine reinforcement, clasp reproduction, edge treatments, and corner repairs, just to name a few.

We also offer an extensive array of paper and vellum treatments including washing, resizing, mending, leaf-casting, stain and oil removal, as well as non-aqueous and aqueous de-acidification.  Page facsimile services are also available. 

Over the years we have seen many important works pass through the bindery here at Byzantium Studios.  Some notable volumes include Newton’s Principia, Galileo’s Siderius Nuncius, Kepler’s Mysterium and the De Revolutionibus, Ratdolt’s Appianus, and Euclide’s Element’s just to name a few.